Monday, July 16, 2007

Writers Revealed 7.22.07 Matthew Sharpe/Jamestown

Jamestown by Matthew Sharpe Jamestown is a fantasia on the Jamestown settlement of 1607, the first viable English settlement in North America, set not in the past but in an indeterminate future, some years after an unspecified cataclysmic event. The U.S. has devolved into warring corporate city-states. The settlers, rather than setting out for Virginia from England on three ships in search of gold and a route to the Pacific, set out from Manhattan on an armored bus in search of fuel, food, and uncontaminated water.

About the Author: Matthew Sharpe's novel Jamestown was published this year by Soft Skull Press. He is also the author of the novels The Sleeping Father and Nothing Is Terrible, as well as the short-story collection Stories from the Tube. He has taught at Columbia University, New College of Florida, the MFA program at Bard College, and the Bronx Academy of Letters, and now teaches in the English department of Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

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