Monday, June 04, 2007

Writers Revealed: Leslie Bennetts recap

If you missed out on yesterday's Writers Revealed show, feel free to click here to listen! Leslie Bennetts and I chatted about the perils of economic dependency and how stay-at-home mothers (through rigorous and sound financial and career planning) can keep current while out of the job force (and the startling statistics that reveal, after only a year, how a woman’s earning power can sharply decline). We discussed how The Feminine Mistake is not another salvo at the Mommy Wars but more that it raises awareness and criticism of U.S. policy issues - why aren't women's choices equally rewarded? Why don't we provide financial security for women who choose to remain at home? We talked of the marriage dynamic when there is a soul breadwinner (after me having screened Todd Field’s Little Children that afternoon) and how that can possibly change the relationship from one of a partnership to a parent/child dynamic. Bennetts addressed her critics who spoke of her narrow demographic (the educated, affluent Northeast) and we discussed statistics that show children of stay at home mothers fared no better than children of working mothers.

Want to listen to the show? Click here! And thanks to all who submitted terrific questions!!! I used a great deal on the show and I've contacted those who will receive their copy of Leslie Bennetts's book.

This Week on Writers Revealed (6.10.07) Joshua Ferris, author of Then We Came to The End


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