Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The New GOOD

Some time ago, I weighed the implications of the inaugural issue of GOOD magazine. They were all for charity and against advertising, yet had advertisers and were making money. I was mildly suspicious and alternately warmed by the foolhardiness of their venture. With the early release of their fourth issue (May/June 2007) "Plan B," I've been so taken with the content that I've decided to just enjoy what's on offer and give my work-addled faculties a rest.

My highlights:

#1: "Nodding Off: Can afternoon naps save your life?" by Sara Mednick. Now this piece might just as easily fit in Good Housekeeping (or something equally lame) but Sara's got a PhD in psychology from Harvard and I respect that. But I'm having a tough time following this advice--I have no doors to close, anywhere.

#2: "The GOOD Guide to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, aka North Korea" by Paul French. Six pages of scary facts: my fav! Did you know that Kim Jong-Il is 5'3"? That he's afraid to fly? That his favorite movies are Rambo, James Bond, and slasher flicks? The most bizarre facts, however, have to do with daily civilian life. The few images included conjure the unsettling landscapes of dystopic anime, say, like Neon Genesis Evangelion. (Looking for a thesis topic? How about that the fantastical nightmares of some free-Asian artists are identical to visions of North Korea? Fucked, eh?) The jury is mostly out, though, since the NK is an extremely closed society. Welcome to Pyongyang a new book of photographs by Charlie Crane offers a rare glimpse. Find out more at

#3: "Jen Bekman on art collecting" by...take a guess. Jen gives art back to the masses with her new project 20x200, which will sell limited edition prints for between $20 and $200. Since I got my hands on GOOD a little early ('cause I'm so eager), the site isn't ready for public consumption. In the meantime, Jen has plenty to offer all of us at her gallery site.

*Now that I've looked into a bit more, I'm ahead of even the GOOD site, so consider this a preview. I do suggest you keep an eye out for it; there's much more than what I mentioned.

What Neon Genesis Evangelion character are you?


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