Wednesday, April 25, 2007

From our Friends at Dzanc Books...

Dzanc Books announces the inaugural Dzanc Prize – a monetary award to a writer with both a work in progress, and an interest in performing some form of literary community service.

The award itself will be a total of $5,000 to be distributed in two payments over the course of a twelve month period. The purpose of this prize is to give monetary aid to a writer of literary promise, in order to provide a budgetary cushion for them, allowing the author to concentrate his/her efforts on the completion of their work in progress.

Eligibility: Any author with a Work in Progress, and a project in mind that can be deemed Literary Community Service.

Timing: The Inaugural Dzanc Prize will be issued for the 2008 calendar year. We will accept submissions from authors from now through November 1, 2007. The announcement of the winning author will be made during the month of December 2007. The announcement will be made via email to the author, on the Dzanc Books website, as well as sent to trade journals (P&W, Publisher’s Weekly, etc.).

Submissions: Authors please send your current cv, a description of your Work in Progress, along with a ten page excerpt, and your planned Literary Community Service. These should be sent as MS Word Attachments in an email to

Dzanc Books will be selecting the author who will receive this $5,000 Prize based on a combination of the Work in Progress, and the intended Literary Community Service. It would probably benefit authors who are submitting to become familiar with Dzanc Books and the types of authors we will be publishing, as well as the Educational Programs Dzanc Books sets up and runs.

Some examples of Literary Community Service:

- Running a series of writing workshops in a school
- Volunteering to do a storytime session or series at your local library
- Volunteering to work at a local book festival (if the festival is run as a non-profit)

The winner of the Dzanc Prize will receive a check for $2500 in the month of January 2008. The remaining $2500 will be paid once the Literary Community Service has been completed.

Dzanc Books will make no claims towards the winner and their Work in Progress. If at the time the author has completed the work, they wish to submit it to Dzanc Books, we will be delighted to have a look. Their manuscript will go through the same reading process every other submission goes through.

The submissions for the Dzanc Prize will be reviewed by, and the prize will be awarded by a panel of Steve Gillis, Dan Wickett and Keith Taylor. All writers, including friends and associates of the panel, are eligible for the prize. The integrity and objectivity of Dzanc Books will not be compromised and, given our vast connections to so many great writers, exclusion of any kind would be impossible.

Any questions can be submitted to

Monday, April 23, 2007

NYWC Write-A-Thon

I really wish I hadn't left that last post stand on its own for so long. I'm very well adjusted to life. Please believe me! The weather is helping.

Just got a little postcard for the Second Annual NYWC Write-A-Thon to be held Saturday, June 9th. The NY Writers Coalition wants you to "Write your a** off" for a great cause! They've given you plenty of time to drum up some sponsors, so why not at least think about it? I am. I am totally thinking about it.

Friday, April 13, 2007


I just finished up one of those naps I was talking about. Wait.

lguic; f.



my face.

I must still be tired. It's no wonder (and here comes the hook) since there's so many great literary events going on this April!!! No foolies. They're falling out my ass. And once April's over we have BEA in NY and that's a whole other bag of tricks. I can't keep up. But it's good material, Mike. You're a blogger, you gotta write this shit down, man. Let me be. I feel like I need some time to create! You know, to just slip on that purple leotard I have crumpled in my closet and to let loose with all this energy swirling inside of me. Doesn't that just sound delicious, just silky? God, I just want to DANCE!

Until that divine moment of release descends, I'll have to deal with what I got, and that ain't so bad. Right, Rico? You gattit, Mikey.

And for those of you who think this makes absolutely no sense, doesn't.

Links: Dennis Loy Johnson, Mark Doty, Writer's Rooms (you'll love this one), and Roberto Bolano tribute.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Boldtype

IZZUP - Boldtype

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The New GOOD

Some time ago, I weighed the implications of the inaugural issue of GOOD magazine. They were all for charity and against advertising, yet had advertisers and were making money. I was mildly suspicious and alternately warmed by the foolhardiness of their venture. With the early release of their fourth issue (May/June 2007) "Plan B," I've been so taken with the content that I've decided to just enjoy what's on offer and give my work-addled faculties a rest.

My highlights:

#1: "Nodding Off: Can afternoon naps save your life?" by Sara Mednick. Now this piece might just as easily fit in Good Housekeeping (or something equally lame) but Sara's got a PhD in psychology from Harvard and I respect that. But I'm having a tough time following this advice--I have no doors to close, anywhere.

#2: "The GOOD Guide to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, aka North Korea" by Paul French. Six pages of scary facts: my fav! Did you know that Kim Jong-Il is 5'3"? That he's afraid to fly? That his favorite movies are Rambo, James Bond, and slasher flicks? The most bizarre facts, however, have to do with daily civilian life. The few images included conjure the unsettling landscapes of dystopic anime, say, like Neon Genesis Evangelion. (Looking for a thesis topic? How about that the fantastical nightmares of some free-Asian artists are identical to visions of North Korea? Fucked, eh?) The jury is mostly out, though, since the NK is an extremely closed society. Welcome to Pyongyang a new book of photographs by Charlie Crane offers a rare glimpse. Find out more at

#3: "Jen Bekman on art collecting" by...take a guess. Jen gives art back to the masses with her new project 20x200, which will sell limited edition prints for between $20 and $200. Since I got my hands on GOOD a little early ('cause I'm so eager), the site isn't ready for public consumption. In the meantime, Jen has plenty to offer all of us at her gallery site.

*Now that I've looked into a bit more, I'm ahead of even the GOOD site, so consider this a preview. I do suggest you keep an eye out for it; there's much more than what I mentioned.

What Neon Genesis Evangelion character are you?

new issue online!

spring issue of small spiral notebook is live! check out the new online issue of my literary journal, Small Spiral Notebook. what will i find, you wonder? well, you'll find short stories by Mary Beth Caschetta, Rusty Barnes, Keith Wells & Steve Cushman, a memoir piece from Joe Oestreich, poetry from the likes of Douglas Martin, Sandra Ogle, Ray Succre, Kathy Davis, Erica Wright and Christopher Burawa.

and interviews! oh my! with Tom Bissell, Maggie Nelson, poet Bob Hicok, Ellis Avery, Gayle Brandeis and more! Within the next few weeks, we'll have interviews with Vendela Vida, Joshua Ferris, Dani Shapiro, Rishi Reddi & more!

so why not check out our new issue today.

Monday, April 02, 2007

One of these things is not like the other...

Sing those words! Anyway, Judith Reagan is back in the game with Schizophrenic House, the literary imprint of her Chutzpah Press. In what Shelf Awareness called "a long, rambling statement," Reagan outlined, alluded to, and declared that Chutzpah Press will specialize in "books that go to the edge, call into question, get in the face, never surrender and are distinguished by utter originality."

So what is Chutzpah's first title? Harry Potter and the Secret of the Purpose-Driven Da Vinci Code Life.

No joke. Is it original to pander to the public's basest, aesthetic instincts? I'm just sick of it.