Friday, March 02, 2007

ROUND UP - Wi * Pishhh!

From reading other blogs I've gathered that Fridays sometime garner a round-up of some sort, recapping the highs and lows of the week now past. So it's high-fucking-time I rounded something up, here goes:

Last week New York saw the coming and going of the Armory Show and Comic Con. I made it to neither. Both overwhelmed and tickled non-fanatics in attendance. And Comic Con was a costumed orgy of onanism.

B&N Discover, Lambda Literary, PEN/Faulkner, Granta, Kate Chopin Writing, and LA Times Book awards were presented to the worthy and talented. My book, The Tenfoot Shit, received no such awards only the renewed suspicion of my mother.

I did get to attend the Granta party at Housing Works last night. I ate a dinner's worth of cheese, humus, pita, and these little roll-up quesadilla thingies that were delicious. The wine was free, readily available and went perfectly with the lowlit, bookish setting. I have a feeling it will be a tame memory when compared to the n+1 shindig happening Saturday. Unfortunately, I've been volunteered to attend a Filipino baby shower so will not be able to report. If you've never been to a Filipino baby shower, let me say this "Two babies enter, One baby leave." It's a brutal yet graceful tradition that has miraculously survived all attempts at assimilation.

Well, did I round things up? Like one or two things. Are they relevant to each other now? Probably not.


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