Monday, March 05, 2007

Aftermath and the PageTurner Awards

Good morning and Monday. I know. It's weird to be back.

The baby shower was more than I expected. Sometime after I cursed out a third-cousin for embarrassing me in Dance Dance Revolution and before I was markered with a third eye and a stubby black mustache, I may have made a pass at someone's grandmother. Class act. All the way.

In order to cleanse myself of deeds past, I thought I'd spread the word about the second annual James Patterson PageTurner Awards. $500,000 in cash prizes are presented to "the people, companies, schools, and other institutions who find original and effective ways to spread the excitement of books and reading." Thirty-nine book-loving entities were awarded the 2006 prize, each receiving various sums of a lot. The $100,000 PageTurner of the Year Award went to the Washington Center for the Book in Seattle, WA, founder of the "One Book, One City" campaign.

For a list of all the winners and an irrepressible feeling of goodwill toward mankind, follow the link above.


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