Thursday, February 01, 2007


Just finished reading Kemble Scott's SoMa and I need to take a deep breath and a cold shower. I'll be reviewing the book and interviewing Kemble for SSN, but I do want to jot down an initial thought about the book that isn't really proper in a normal review.

The sex is amazing, embarrassing, sickening and erotic.

SoMa is the neighborhood in San Francisco south of Market Street and east of The Mission known for it's kink, fetishes, drugs and danger. It was home to the dot-coms and the dot-bombs. It's glittery and grimy. SoMa was my neighborhood for nearly ten years and I thought I had seen, heard and experienced everything, but parts of this book blew me away.

"Don't move, man. I'm going to pull out now." That should do it, Andrew sighed. He thought of the club boys who would trade piss on Tina. They'd each do a hit and then dance for hours, filling themselves with bottled water all night long. When they'd feel their high start to wane, they'd head to a men's room stall where they'd drink each other's piss to make the buzz last a little longer. The routine would repeat until the sun came the next day.
Amateurs, Andrew thought. You can recycle crystal to keep a high going that way, but it was nothing compared to pissing up someone's ass. Why go through the stomach when there's a more direct route?
He marveled over his protege's ability to hold on. It had already been several minutes, and there was no sign of weakening. On meth, this guy Raphe was a natural, able to take anything without complaints or fear. Some guys would turn into such pussies on Tina, but not this kid. It was like a shield for him. Andrew couldn't introduce him to the Boys Toys women, since that would violate his agreement. But if this kid was up for making some money, his immunity to this type of pain would make him perfect for...


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