Thursday, January 11, 2007

You want whipped cream with your genocide?

Starbucks has announced the second book slated to be sold in its cafes, part of its plan to turn wired, overweight housewives into an Oprahian literary force -"mom-niks" (patent pending), as Ishmael Beah's, A Long Way Gone, Memoirs of a boy soldier , to be released by FSG within a month. A Long Way Gone has garnered quite a bit of prerelease praise and the topic, stories of when Ishmael was a boy soldier in the Seirra Leone Civil War, is quite attractive to all sorts of finger pointers and looky-lous, but Starbucks, to their credit, claims not be going for an instant bestseller (As they did with their first offering, a Mitch Albom book). However, Starbucks has the shelf power and the dedicated consumers that could quickly launch this book straight through ten printings. Which brings me to the cool part (hopefully for Ishmael) that here is a dude whose life was totally screwed as a kid, yet he lived, worked hard at his art, and now he's about to get paid $$. In this disconcerting corporate scenario at least one deserving person will get just a little bit.


At 3:56 PM, Blogger michael signorelli said...

I didn't think that was direction you were going to take, judging from the post's title, but I am no less glad you took it. At first, upon hearing the news, I thought it sounded like a knock-off of "Beasts of No Nation", but that's my own brand-loyalty talking. And, I suppose, it would be fairly abominable to, in any way, undermine voices that have managed to escape from the African civil wars. Huzzah, etc.


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