Thursday, January 25, 2007

taking the biggest leap!

this might be insane. it might cost me all the funds i need to raise for an issue which is still sitting in a warehouse, waiting for payment. waiting to find a home. but when i was approached by the very kind and very smart folks over at NXTbook Media with an offer to digitize one of my issues, i thought #4 would be my best shot.

i recently attended a google conference where authors spoke of giving up great portions of their printed matter, online, and not only did offering up a free book not canabilize sales, they saw huge spikes in sales of the printed book. it's not up to me to dictate how one wants to read a story, whether it be online or print, so i thought why not offer my readers access to both? maybe you'll love mia alvar's story so much, you'll want to purchase the whole issue.

in all honesty, i'm finding it increasingly difficult to publish the way i want to publish. publishing a book without concerning myself with page counts and expensive art, distribution, mailing costs and the list goes on. i'm hoping, with this new approach, i might attract some new readers. they might want to take the leap with me. they might discover that i'm trying hard to publish the very best work i can find. and perhaps they'll support that by reading the journal and possibly buying an issue. it is. the new issue of small spiral notebook, still sitting in the warehouse in michigan, but free for your eyes today.

please, please, please spread the word!


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