Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kemble Scott

You can now preorder my good friend Kemble Scott's new book, SoMa, which takes place in my old 'hood in S.F.

Publisher's blurb:

To outsiders, San Francisco is all one big city. But to those in the know, there is SoMa, South of Market, where sleek eateries are squeezed between bail bonds storefronts and high-priced lofts look out over still rough edges. It’s home to a generation of hipsters disillusioned by the dotcom bust, restless and searching for the next thrill, the next high, the next step too far. Sex, drugs, kink—you can find it anywhere in SoMa, if you know where to look. But first, you’ll need your tour guides. There’s Raphe, a writer torn between two worlds, belonging to neither. Lauren, the poor little rich girl living on the edge and pushing farther out. Mark, beautiful and cruel, who lives for games, the more extreme, the better. Baptiste, hot, smooth, and maybe as real as it gets. And Julie, both an object of desire and a pretty pawn to be played.

In a glittering, surreal subculture of private sex clubs and kept boys, identity theft and betrayal, nihilism, redemption, and sometimes love, they’re spinning out of control and into each other’s orbits, desperately looking for something real—something that will show them who they really are. In this provocative, intense novel, Kemble Scott puts a new neighborhood on the literary map for good, in a tale that is disturbing, gritty, wholly original, and utterly unforgettable.


At 4:45 AM, Blogger Blogaulaire said...

Okay, Joshua Citrak, Kemble Scott is your good friend. So, maybe you could review the book for a friend?

The link is to the mailorder vendor, the one that gives no publisher info, not even a link to . . whatever.

What I do know, based on the content offered so far, is that I certainly want to read a book . . but by the guy or gal who wrote the blurb! It's one of the best I've ever seen.

One reason I'm in such a foul mood is because none of the shit that comes down in places like your ol 'hood seem funny anymore . . I'm thinking of homeless 12-year old prostitutes lured in by pimps who make up to 300 grand per year on them and I'm thinking of Helen Hill, murdered in NOLA . . and my first java is lukewarm and stale . . I'll wake up and recover, but will we?

At 4:46 AM, Blogger Blogaulaire said...

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At 12:52 AM, Blogger joshua citrak said...

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At 7:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to blogaulaire - i didn't realize cities were ever funny. i also didn't realize that there was once a time where drugs, pimps, whores, victims and culprits didn't exist in any given city at any given time since the birth of the city. i guess they just used to be filled with clowns to make people laugh. sorry the clowns are gone and there is no more laughing for you.


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