Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Coliseum: plundered of its treasures.

"Plunder!" they cried. "Feast of pages!" they howled. Several, dozens maybe, customers whooped as they ran past the ravaged shelves of Coliseum Bookstore. At 40% off, nearly everything went in the last days before the store's closing, leaving only perennial crowd pleasers like "Colloquial Thai" and "Hebrew for Dummies" clinging to their nooks. "Running a bookstore is like running an insane asylum," said George S. Leibson, a founding partner and the principal executive of Coliseum Books.
On one side, Mr. Leibson said, are the employees, who love books, and on the other are the customers, who love books but who cannot always resist shoplifting them, or spilling coffee on them or reading them in the store and putting them back.

All this according to the NY Times (by way of Shelf Awareness).


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