Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Small Spiral Notebook featured in Until Monday: Brooklyn...

Feature By Cheryl Burke

Brooklyn-based Small Spiral Notebook’s new online home is bursting with literary goodness. With an easy-to-navigate design, this five-year-old journal features book reviews, fiction, poetry and nonfiction by both established and emerging writers.

The journal also boasts In-depth interviews by great writers with great writers. Emily Barton (author of Brookland), Joe Meno (author of A Boy Detective Fails) and Wendy Spero (author of Microthrills) are among the current interviewees.

Small Spiral Notebook is the creation of memoirist, green living enthusiast and good friend Felicia Sullivan. Like many great ideas, the journal’s name came to her in a flash of inspiration, “I was having brunch with an old friend, talking up my idea to start a literary journal and my friend talked about a web design that would mimic a small spiral notebook. Something clicked and a journal and its name were born.” Small Spiral Notebook is published quarterly online and bi-annually in print. The next print issue will be available in late November but you can get a peak of the contents online.

Check out the terrific site!


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