Sunday, September 10, 2006

Small Spiral Notebook gets a SWEET nod!

SSN Contributor Sara Gran, pens a hilarious article about being a writer from Brooklyn in the Sunday Times.

SHE dreams, our young writer, of the day when she, too, can walk her blond Lab down Seventh Avenue on a Sunday afternoon, stopping at the organic bakery for a $7 loaf of whole grain winter wheat bread, and maybe give her new best friend Elissa Schappell (“Use Me”) a call to see how she’s coming along with the new issue of Tin House — the issue, of course, that’s publishing our writer’s own brilliant first works.

If the hip-lit magazines One Story or Small Spiral Notebook haven’t already snapped up all her stories, that is. And when our hypothetical bright-eyed kid finishes her masterwork of a novel, she won’t even have to stray too far to find a publisher, not with the upstart presses Akashic Books and Soft Skull right in the neighborhood.

Click here to read the article...


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