Thursday, September 28, 2006

Junior in a nutshell

The Bill Burroughs Jr. book, "Cursed From Birth", is like a twenty car pile-up unfolding before your eyes. For that reason alone, I haven't been able to put it down.

William Craddock, interviewed in the book, has this to say about Jr.,

He told me that whenever he saw "normal, hard-working, average, straight people" doing what they do-- mowing lawns, going to the mailbox, driving home from work, playing with the kids, washing the car, sweeping leaves-- it brought a huge lump of painful sorrow to his throat. He would think, "Look at those completely regular people! They're going about their business, getting by, having a pretty good time, not pondering too many unponderables, especially late at night. And here I am-- strung out (coming down, or expecting to be coming down soon, or on my way to score, or wondering where I'm going to score, or looking for a place to get down now that I've scored, or maybe like I'm clean going on three, four days and wondering why, and just what the fuck being all squeaky-clean and totally straight could ever offer me). But here I am, and I sincerely wish I wasn't. And I just know it'd be so great to be "normal" like them, like other people! But, I'm not. And just the fact that I know the difference and hang myself up worrying about it means that I probably never will be."

Cursed From Birth
Compiled by David Ohle
Soft Skull Press


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