Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cursed From Birth

Followers of the Beat Poets loved them for their enchanted flair, their anti-social mantras and perhaps most of all, their knack for living out personal, poetic versions of melodramatic, self-destructive tragedies. Cursed From Birth gives us the account of one more unwitting participant in the Beat mystique, William Burroughs Jr.
Compiled by David Ohle, the book consists in part of Billy Jr's unfinished last novel, his journals and letters. Within these bits and scraps we find a lost Billy Jr groping continually for the pieces of his wasted life and affection and guidance from his father before ultimately descending into addiction.
Interview in Hobart of David Ohle

Cursed From Birth
Complied by David Ohle
Soft Skull Press
November 2006


At 5:49 PM, Anonymous patricia said...

Thanks, I have read the book. It was fascinating, tight, a new perspective of a lot of characters. It should be in every high school library, a true journey ,a fascinating cautionary tale.


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