Saturday, July 22, 2006

SSN interviews T COOPER

T, we seem to be in an era where truth is a banishing commodity. We're living in a country where truth about global warming, the war (as examples) gets lost in a barrage of misinformation and fear, and the truth has become less accessible, unable to get to the surface, because it's hidden. Can you talk about how your new anthology speaks to that? And how important is it, in your opinion, that writers become intimately involved with politics? Books can be perceived as historical documents - can you talk on how and what writers can do to help bring truth up, via fiction or non fiction, to the surface?

This is precisely what inspired my co-editor (Adam Mansbach) and I to pull together A FICTIONAL HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES WITH HUGE CHUNKS MISSING (Akashic Books, August 2006). Wanting to do something about the fact that the last few years have been especially hard on the truth, and that lies upon lies are being fashioned into "history" right before our eyes. And nobody seems to be complaining about it--or at least complaining as loud as they do about ridiculous things like James Frey and how expensive it is this summer to fill up our Lincoln Navigators and drive (legally) 70 miles per hour, cross-country. God forbid that there's an ounce more investigation into either topic, for it might tap into some real rage about the real stuff behind the headlines: like soldiers' limbs being torn from their bodies at alarmingly high rates in Iraq, Iraqi citizens dying by the dozens daily, not to mention the fact that one of our most precious and significant American cities has been practically wiped off the continent, while the administration that could actually step up and do something about it looks everywhere but South.


*Be on the lookout - Small Spiral Notebook will undergo a significant makeover - we're talking a gutting out, major surgery...etc, etc...stay tuned.


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