Saturday, July 29, 2006

David Barringer's NEW BOOK!

Twisted Fun by David Barringer
35 Stories | 182 pages | 6x9
$12 | Elope Press 2006
Limited Edition

Hey, everyone. I have a new book, limited edition. The printer misprinted the first run, so I have extra copies plus I have to wait a couple weeks before I get the corrected books. You can check out the cover and some spreads on my site. Let me know if you want:

1. Twisted Fun, MISPRINT (coverless, signed, hand-stamped "Misprinted") for $6 Available Now

2. Twisted Fun, Corrected, $10 Preorder, to ship in two weeks

3. Bundle of Twisted Fun (corrected) & Johnny Red  = SALE $20

4. Bundle of Twisted Fun (corrected) & The Leap = SALE $20

5. Bundle of Twisted Fun (corrected), Johnny Red, & The Leap = SALE $30

Shipping will be added to the price. Can pay by Paypal or mail a check direct to me.

I'll be in Michigan for a week, starting August 10, and in Manhattan this fall (will let residents know when I know). If you think you're gonna see me at some point, reserve a copy now, and I'll bring 'em along.


David Barringer


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