Thursday, July 20, 2006

cruelest month interview...

Famed poetry blog, The Cruelest Month, interviews Small Spiral Notebook editor, Felicia Sullivan:

On your site you mention that Small Spiral Notebook has been an "immense labor of love," something maintained and cared for while dealing with the daily grind, yet from humble online beginnings it has become a respectable print journal with a consistently impressive list of contributors. How can you account for such a rapid and positive evolution? In line with that, who did you first turn to for material? And how has that initial pool of contributors grown?

I wouldn't necessarily call it rapid as Small Spiral Notebook has been around for well over five years and we're still struggling. What consistently motivates me is finding and publishing good work. The formula, I'm afraid, is quite simple. I used to get worked up about the journals that make a big splash, boast the big name writers and throw lavish parties replete with open bars and prizes, simply for the fact that I've funded the journal out of my own pocket and I couldn't afford to come crashing in. And I'll always remember what one journal editor told me - the trick is consistency, sustaining. Writers don't want to submit to a journal that folds in a year's time. There's a fundamental trust here - an unwritten conversation between writer and an editor that we're both in this for the long haul. So I've seen many promising publications come and go, but I think the success of SSN has to do with us working as hard as we can to put good work out there, whether it be online or in print. And hopefully people respect that.

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